“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30)

This world attempts to build us up. Heck, we attempt to build ourselves up. Who will we be? What will we do? What kind of name, future, kingdom, will we create for ourselves?

Let me ask you an honest question I urge you to honestly answer–who is greater in your own life? Is Jesus bigger than you, or are you bigger than Him? 

I was bigger than Him in mine. I had plans I could fit God into. I had goals and dreams I could pin His name on. I could justify my decisions, excuse my behavior and rationalize my sin under the blanket of His grace as I selfishly pursued my own will with my own agenda.

Not so anymore. Not so. 

His plans are my plans. His fame. His glory. My identity lost in Jesus.

Everything in Jesus and Jesus in everything. 

Lord, be greater. Lord, be magnified. I don’t need to be seen–let them see You. I don’t need to be heard–let them hear You. You, God, be greater and me, less and less. 

Let my life always be completely lost in Your’s; it is Your’s anyway. Oh Lord, I love You.

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