They Did Not Know the Lord…

“Now the sons of Eli were corrupt; they did not know the Lord.” (1 Sam 2:12)

They didn’t know Him, but they should have. They were to represent the Lord to the people—but how could they well represent Him they did not know?

Christian, if that be your name, know Him. Know Him you worship and represent. These sons of Eli were corrupted through ignorance and arrogance—and do you know the worst part?

“The greatness of the sin of Eli’s sons was clear because through their greed, violence, and intimidation they made others not want to come and bring offerings to the LORD. It was bad enough what they themselves did, but the greater sin of Eli’s sons was in how they hurt other people.” (Guzik)

They made others not want to come—and it grieved God’s heart. It grieved Him for those who couldn’t worship freely and it grieved Him that the sin of Eli’s sons made judgment necessary.

O Lord God search us and know us—purify us Lord, grant that we would return.

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