Perfect Love.

How do you describe the indescribable or convey that which is buried so deep within your soul? How do you unearth the rich treasures of His majestic love to discover them to another? They sparkle and glisten, radiate and shine—O Lord, You are too wondrous for words!

Your love is life. Your love is light, washing away the darkness and the shadows. Your love is an ocean. O Lord—Your love is perfect!

Lord—to know You more, to go deeper still, farther from the shore. Knit me, fasten my heart to Your’s—make me just like You, Your love perfected in me.

How do I behold You? This treasure of Your love, all things found in You. You are too great, too awesome, too amazing to contain!

Lord, I will continue seeking, searching, lingering, longing, pursuing You! I love You, Lord!

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