O Lord!

O Lord, who can proclaim your greatness? You are high and lifted up, above all praise, exalted above the highest heavens—and yet, so very near. In my heart and in my mind, in my thoughts and very being.

O Lord—who is like you?

I was lost, but you found me. I was blind, but you gave me sight—you gave me vision. You gave me a heart to fear you, to love you, to know you. O Lord, you gave me grace and showed me mercy. O Lord, who am I that you would turn to look at your daughter in her wandering and her shame? Who am I that you would enter into it and bear it? That you would intervene and rescue me, taking away the rejection, humiliation and reproach?

O Lord, there is no one like you.

Create in me a clean heart, O God. Wash me in your Word—Lord, let me forever abide in your love. Hold onto me.

O Lord, let me proclaim your greatness. Your awesome power, your mighty arm, your redeeming love. Your goodness is beyond measure, your kindness unsearchable, your love knows no measure.

Let me please you, Lord. Let my life tell the story of your love. Let it speak as the sunrise upon the horizon. Let my steps follow paths of grace and my words hold your wisdom.

O Lord, how great you are! Who can proclaim your greatness? It knows no measure!

Oh how I LOVE YOU! O Lord I adore you!

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