Love + Compassion.

In September 2009, I lost my firstborn baby girl. She never took a breath, and yet the Lord has used her life in ways unimaginable. Through her, He broke my heart for those who sit in grief.

I took the credit, though. The glory and praise were mine. I mean, after all, wasn’t I the one who published those books, made those memory boxes, led those Bible studies and comforted those mothers with empty arms? I was, but only in the natural.

It was His Spirit working through this broken vessel that touched those lives. Only I didn’t see that. I was blind.

The Lord was so faithful to humble me in that. He was so faithful to show me that without His Spirit, I am nothing, and yet, now I find myself struggling to have compassion on those who are prideful and lost.

But I was prideful and lost.

So I pray, teach me Lord. I pray You would give me Your heart and not an attitude of self-righteousness. I know every lesson You have ever taught me has been not only for my own good, but also for the good of others. I know You work all things for good, so teach me to faithfully submit to whatever You call me to do. Lead me in all circumstances, Lord. I ask for Your eyes and perspective, Your mind, wisdom and understanding, and I ask, Lord, for Your great love. I ask for Your great love and compassion, Lord. I praise You. I give You the glory in every situation. I trust You, Lord, to teach me. You are so beautiful, my King, and I thank You.

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