Too Great.

I’ve encountered a love too great for words. A love that knows no bounds. A relentless love that has left me in constant pursuit. One that knows my heart; the very One that created it.

He created it for Himself. He created me to love Him and love Him I will.

It doesn’t matter what the world says. I am His and He is mine; no one can ever steal that from me.

I may be overcome in calamity and injustice. I may sit on the verge of defeat and the brink of death—but you will still find me chasing my God. His joy is my strength and I will praise Him.

He is King in my life. He is my defense and every ounce of my hope.

Who are you that you think you can come between? No one, nothing can ever separate me from Him or my love from Him.

I am confident of this one thing—the One who saved my soul. The very One who redeemed it.

I love you, Lord. I exalt and lift You high—worshiping the only One worthy, Jesus.

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