Oh blessed Redeemer,
Mighty Savior of my soul;
My hope rests in You alone,
the God of All-Consuming Grace.

A Greater Glory than I can behold,
Your love a river streaming
through a nation in drought,
drowning in self-righteousness.

Your hand opened and I wept.
It opened, containing all good things,
that of which I had never known.
They never told me who You are.

I see you clearly now,
as my Groom, my awesome God.
My King of kings, my Lord of lords,
has lifted the veil of His bride.

I stand in awe, held in a moment
of absolute surrender and it is as
Magnificent as You, as amazing
as streams in a desert.

The Great Rescuer has swept me away,
on His white horse of salvation;
He has destroyed the strongholds
and calmed the seas.

I gaze into His eyes, His
beautiful face brings me to life.
When He walks into the room,
everything changes.

He reigns in my heart.
He reigns in my life.
With a self-abandoning love, I will
worship You in every breath.

Your presence, Lord.
You have changed me.
Your presence, Lord,
is all I will ever need.

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