Mystery Stewards.

The prophet’s gift comes alive during times of spiritual conflict, when the spiritual climate is hard, or things are out of order in the Spirit. Again, prophets are tuned into the spirit realm and focused on listening to the Holy Spirit. Because prophets are “stewards of the mysteries of God” (Ephesians 3:4-5) they approach the altar of God a bit different but always through prayer. Their heart’s cry is to receive revelation of the mind of Christ for the people. Where a pastor may take the needs of the people to God in prayer, the prophet will take the Word of the Lord to the people. Can you see the difference

Often the young prophet does not make a good pastor because of the difference in gift roles. Prophets must work toward mercy and compassion where a pastor is already gifted with those qualities. This is not to say that prophets cannot pastor, they can. They just have to work on their people skills. God bless you,

From Jonas Clark of Jonas Clark Ministries. (

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