No other Name—Jesus.

The mountains sing Your praise; the Heavens tell of Your majesty.

Lord, I worship You. I adore You; my heart, Lord, is Your’s.

I look through a filtered lens of the greatness of Your glory, and still I am in awe.

How do they not see it, Lord? How do they not acknowledge Your mighty name?

How do they not know?

With eyes that slumber, with closed minds.

You have broken my heart, Lord, for a terribly broken world. Your world. Your creation, Lord.

Your creation cries for Your return.

I see the cloud; revival on the horizon, and it makes my soul sing. My heart rejoices in You.

My heart rejoices in who You are. Oh, that they might know You, Lord.

That they might see Jesus, Lord.

That they might see Jesus in me.

Give me Your heart, Lord. Keep Your daughter humble; make Your bride pure as my namesake—for Your’s.

You are amazing, my God. You are my King.

Hosanna, Lord—come. Even so come.

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