Ever since childhood, words have captivated me in the impossible possibilities of either the shallowness or depths they could hold. My soul released the pains of life into mountains of poetry hidden in journals; yet now my soul sings!

Praise the Lord!
His love is of a depth
no man can imagine;
no measuring line can draw
into the depths of His grace.

His mercy reigns, rains!
Floods mountains with mighty
works and songs of
glorious, unending

Wandering lost in the
the silencing echos of
enemy darts as the swift
horse captures our demons.

Praise the Lord!
He is good, far better
than what our relentless
minds can conjure
in the absence of His Spirit.

Praise the Lord!
For His beauty makes a
It calls us out of the shallow
and into the deep.

Praise the Lord!
Our mighty King with
a strong arm, a
humble Spirit, a gentle
heart, is gracious to save.

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