In awe of my God.

“I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” (2 Corinthians 6:16)

How amazing is this—He is our God and we are His people! It’s a choice on our part that results in an automatic on His; how great is His love for us that, though we are deserving of condemnation, He would call us His! Thank you Lord for your goodness and mercy!

Tomorrow I will travel to Sandy Cove with a group of women who mere months ago were a group of strangers, now my sisters through Him. I adore Him.

As I rest my eyes upon His, I am awed by the unity and sisterhood only His Spirit can create. In a chaotic world, full of challenges and distractions, His gaze remains on me as mine does on Him. I am humbled by His wonder and grace, blessed beyond measure and so excited to see His vision for my life—for truly, this life I surrender to Him. What a gift to lay it down at His feet. What a privilege that He would lead me and hold my hand each step of the way. To watch Him move among us is nothing short of spectacular. How great thou art, my Father, my King! My love can never compare and yet I give it all to You knowing Your love will never fail!

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