His Love runs deep.
Our Father’s Love goes beyond
the surface straight
to the depths of all despair
releasing the strongholds of sin
and of shame.
His mighty arm,
His glorious Word a compass
leading the way out of the wilderness,
In the midst of the war
between flesh and spirit;
between self and His great plan.
I lost, collapsing to the threshing floor
streams of tears
confusion and pain
silenced my soul.
Songs of redemption, of
Amazing Grace
stirring within and without.
He found me.
A hopeless child, broken
and rejected, knowing not
to whom I should cling.
They had all gone and I gave in
to the torment
of being alone.
In an instant I was asleep, longing
to wake no more, longing
for that which I did not know existed.
True Love.

There is no other word, but
By the Grace of Him alone
who loves His children.
Abba, Father.
I did not know I was dead until my Savior
brought me to life;
Until my resurrected King had resurrected me.

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